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Garner Health and Marathon Health Partner to Address Wasteful Spend on Specialist Referrals

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Marathon’s best-in-class primary care platform is the perfect national partner to build on Garner Health’s mission of reducing healthcare costs by helping patients identify the highest-quality sites of care. Marathon’s in-house referral specialist team is renowned for their commitment to service for their patients. We are excited to empower their team with best-in-class cost and quality data, and support them in bringing better outcomes and more affordable care to their patients.

At Garner, we have spent years analyzing data to better understand the tremendous waste present in the US healthcare system and paths forward to improving outcomes. The findings from our research have been clear: selecting the right doctor is the single biggest decision a patient can make on their quality outcomes and total cost of care. At the same time, however, it has been almost impossible to find clear, accurate data on provider performance, until now. We have made it our mission at Garner to deliver this transparency to patients and help them find the highest-quality doctors. Our partnership with Marathon represents a key step towards the realization of this goal. 

Patients, clinicians and health insurers alike have long complained that existing provider performance methodologies are inaccurate, undecipherable and biased against doctors who handle the most challenging cases. At Garner, we have developed an entirely new, bottoms-up approach to doctor analytics, built on top of one of the largest claims datasets in the country. The result is a more robust view into doctor performance than has ever been available. Getting these insights into the hands of patients is essential in helping them make more informed decisions on their care. 

Garner’s novel benefit program and plan designs have already helped thousands across the country find the best doctors in their community, driving significant savings on healthcare spend for employers and their employees. Partnering with Marathon to help deliver data-driven specialist referrals to their patients represents an expansion of our ability to bring these performance insights into the hands of more healthcare consumers across the country

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