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Find the top 20% of doctors. Get reimbursed for your medical costs.

Garner is a healthcare benefit that’s paid for by your employer. It works with your health insurance to make the best care more affordable.

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Garner helps you find the best doctors and reimburses your out-of-pocket costs

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Find a Top Provider with ease

Garner identifies the top 20% of providers that are near you, in-network with your health insurance and have available appointments. Our Concierge team can help you find the best care, too.


Better doctors mean fewer sick days

Top Providers keep you healthier by diagnosing your health problems more accurately, prescribing the right treatments and practicing based on the latest research. This means less time at the doctor’s office and more time living your life.

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Get your bills covered

When you visit Top Providers, your costs are covered, including copays, office visits, tests, and surgeries. Members save an average of 80% on out of pocket costs per visit.

How it works

Tell us about your care needs

Get a list of the top 20% of doctors near you. We call these Top Providers. They’re ranked by cost, quality of care and patient reviews. Our dedicated Concierge team can give you personalized support if you need it.

Get care from the best providers in your area

After you receive your recommendation, select your provider and add them to your list of approved providers in the Garner Health app. You’re ready for your appointment!

We’ll reimburse your costs

After your appointment, we can reimburse your qualifying out-of-pocket medical costs. This includes copays, office visits, medical tests and major surgeries.

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Expert help when you need it

Our dedicated Concierge team is here to provide personalized support. Message the Concierge through the Garner Health app or The Concierge is available Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. Se habla español.

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