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Win business and improve plan performance with zero disruption

Garner offers a competitive edge by enabling health plans to manage total claims cost and offer lower premiums, all without the need for custom integrations or outsourced services.

of all claims data in the United States
of all specialty-specific quality and efficiency metrics
accuracy of our phone and address directory
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Offer richer benefits at a lower premium

By restructuring the benefits around our innovative HRA incentive account, you can offer a plan that is 8-15% lower cost than your competitors. This means better win rates on new business and high-risk renewals.

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Zero disruption to the health plan

Garner works with any existing plan or network, requiring no significant operational changes or custom integrations. Best of all, Garner is fully compliant with all payer/provider contracts and does not require refiling medical plans.


Unmatched member experience

By solving directory issues and taking the guesswork out of finding high-quality care, Garner offers an unmatched experience for health plan members.

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Determine key opportunity areas 

Identify new business opportunities or groups that are struggling with high renewals.

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Pair existing plans with a Garner HRA

The combination of a higher-deductible plan with a Garner HRA offers richer benefits for employees seeing Top Providers while maintaining the safety and simplicity of your existing network.

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Control healthcare spend and enhance your competitiveness 

Because Garner helps control medical spend, health plans see better underwriting margins and employers see lower renewals in year two and beyond.

Garner’s analytics are broader and deeper than any individual plan

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