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Best-in-class data for provider recommendations

Garner DataPro provides transformative data solutions, delivering accurate performance-based referrals.

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of all claims data in the United States
specialty-specific quality and efficiency metrics
accuracy of our phone and address directory
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The largest set of medical claims data in the country

Garner’s dataset contains over 60 billion medical records from 320 million patients, as well as the latest hospital and health plan transparency data. This unparalleled dataset allows us to understand and analyze provider cost and quality like never before.

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Accurate and transparent rankings generated by a unique, bottoms-up methodology

Garner has developed over 500 specialty-specific metrics, enabling us to pinpoint providers who deliver evidence-based care and achieve excellent patient outcomes.

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More accurate data directory powered by custom-built AI

Garner combines data science, machine learning and AI to achieve 92% accuracy for phone, address and appointment availability data.

Garner’s data is cleansed, verified and refined consistently to ensure members always see top-quality provider recommendations.

3 ways to get started with Garner DataPro

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Modern API

Garner offers our provider recommendations via API to embed into existing search workflows for your care navigation team.

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Intuitive user interface

Garner also offers an off-the-shelf user interface for care coordinators. Results can be filtered for specialty, network, distance, language spoken and appointment availability.

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Custom insights

For clients seeking an additional level of detail, reach out to our team to design a solution that works for your unique use case.


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