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Garner Health helps both fully insured and self-funded employers get their employees to the highest-quality doctors, which lowers plan costs and improves health outcomes. 


The key to managing healthcare cost: doctor performance


We analyzed 180 million patient records and the data is clear: the biggest driver of healthcare costs and outcomes is which doctor a patient sees. That's why we’ve transformed the doctor selection process and created a financial incentive to get employees to see better doctors.

Garner delivers results


of employees use Garner to find a doctor each year


of employees have a positive experience with Garner


average savings per episode of care


The Garner difference

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It’s all in the data

We’ve analyzed more data—over 45 billion claims—and unlike others, our analysis is based on over 500 granular metrics across the patient journey to ensure more transparency and accuracy in how we rank our doctors.

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We make doctor selection easy

Members can use our app or call our Concierge and receive a tailored list of high-quality doctors. Best of all, all doctors are 
in-network and have upcoming appointment availability.

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Guaranteed savings

We deliver savings by improving the quality and efficiency of care, not by shifting costs to employees. We're so confident about lowering your healthcare costs that Garner offers an unmatched performance guarantee.

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Better employee engagement

Our innovative incentive accounts cover the out-of-pocket medical expenses of all employees who use Garner to find a top doctor. 
This means industry-leading engagement rates and greater program impact.

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Keep your existing network and carrier

With Garner's unique design, you can keep your existing network and carrier in place, creating zero hassle for you and no disruption for your employees.

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