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Guaranteed savings

increased employee satisfaction

improved clinical outcomes

The biggest driver of healthcare costs for employers is the variation in performance among doctors. At Garner, our mission is to bring together state-of-the-art data science, turn-key incentive account administration and a personal concierge experience to drive more volume to the best doctors. 

Our research shows:

The key to managing healthcare costs is

getting employees to the best individual doctors.

% of patients receiving unnecessary surgery

Traditional networks don't identify Top Doctors

Because hospital systems and ACOs contain both high- and low-performing doctors, they do not actually drive care to the best individual doctors.

Top Doctors


A New Way to Optimize Networks

We guarantee a 10% cost savings for employees

Garner helps employers get the highest quality medical treatment while saving employers money.

A NEW APPROACH TO physician metrics

Garner’s data science gives new insights into clinical quality and the total cost of care

Traditional doctor ranking algorithms focus on fee-for-service costs and can only pick up on extreme quality outliers. Garner’s approach gives new insights into clinical quality and the total cost of care by measuring whether each doctor complies with hundreds of clinically and financially validated specialty-specific protocols. These protocols give us a rich profile of every physician’s performance and help us create an aggregate score. The result is our Top Doctors cost 40% less than their peers on a total-cost-of-care basis and have significantly better clinical outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Turn-key Administration and Incentives

Our innovative incentive accounts ensure that employees are engaged in seeking high-value care.

Garner makes the process of setting up clear and meaningful employee incentives easy and hassle-free. Employers keep their current network and benefit plans. Via a turn-key integration, we set up an overlay that covers employees deductibles and coinsurances. The result is that engaged employees get cheaper healthcare than ever before while employers get guaranteed savings.

a PERSONAlized concierge EXPERIENCE

Garner offers a concierge service that makes finding a great doctor a great experience.

We offer a dedicated concierge team to assist members through the process of selecting a Top Doctor that meets their needs. We connect with members in their preferred method: phone, secure message, mobile and web. Unlike other doctor search tools, we give employees data-driven insights into which doctors are best for them.

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